Thursday, February 9, 2012

Grab a drink of the Café and mosey on up to the second floor, where the Gladstone Hotel will host The Toronto Love Sauna.

The Toronto Love Sauna is a public installation that transforms a room at the Gladstone into a community-accessible sauna for the 2012 Valentine's Day.  Based on the theme of winter solace, the project stems from a reaction to current sauna and bathhouse practices that exist in North America under segregated circumstances, as well a desire to bring Torontonians together during the isolated winter season. The goal is to create an authentic sauna experience through the use of electric heat sources and cedar, supplemented by media elements such as sound and light. The Toronto Sauna Project will offer a warm retreat, enticing the local community into a comfortable space that is all at once relaxing, reflective, and fun.

The installation will be in operation during from 5pm on Friday, February 10th until 8pm on Sunday, February 12th, and by appointment on Valentine's Day at the Gladstone Hotel, 1214 Queen Street West, Toronto.

Participants are encouraged to bring shorts and a t-shirt and towel. Some extra outfits and towels will be provided for those without.

Friday 5-8pm
Saturday 2-8pm
Sunday 2-8pm
Tuesday/Valentine's by appointment
To book an appointment email: with your preferred times

This project was presented at FEAST 02, and was a winner of the FEAST Project Grant. Click here to view the original proposal, and congratulations to Shannon Linde and Edward Birnbaum on the successful realization of their project.