Sunday, June 26, 2011

FEAST 02 Student Grant Winner

Curator Zach Pearl and artist/designer April Wong are the recipients of the FEAST XPACE Student Grant.

April Wong, installation view

Rapid City Prototype | Project Summary

"For FEAST 02 I am proposing an 'evolving' installation piece by by April Wong in the provided Gladstone studio. This piece will take the Gladstone and its surroundings as its subject matter, and reflect the current gentrification of the Queen Street West area while making commentary from its community visible.

Both a practicing artist and a masters student in architecture at the University of Toronto, Wong's work manifests as graphic, pattern-heavy cityscapes and tectonic forms that feature characters who are caught in the throes of their chaotic environment. Concerned with the cultural 'symptoms' of gentrification and the visual transformation of the cityscape as an index of locality, Wong intends to cover the entire surface of the Gladstone studio with drawings that mirror the increasing architectural dissonance of Queen Street West. To make her installation participatory, Wong will construct her piece in several layered, overlapping panels of materials like mylar, parchment and plexiglass. Wong will then lead a seven day series of two-hour workshops in which she will invite viewers to become collaborators by rearranging the composition of the pre-existing panels and generating new patterns, buildings and characters to add individual voices and perspectives from the community." - Zach Pearl

April Wong, installation view

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