Thursday, January 5, 2012

Walkable Planets -- Jode Roberts & Chris DePaul

At FEAST 03, Jode Roberts & Chris DePaul presented their proposal for "Making Christie Pits the Centre of the Universe," aka "Walkable Planets."

Their proposal is the creation of a walking scale model of the solar system, stretching almost two kilometres from Christie Pits to the Wychwood Artbarns. At the relative distance from the Sun (likely at a scale of one to five billion) along the route, there would be a station created for the Sun and each of the eight planets -- nine if you include poor old Pluto. Each station would artfully display: (1) the planet at proper scale, (2) brief details about the planet; and (3) directions to the next planet (e.g. 30 steps to Earth). The ambition is to have ten different local artists commissioned to develop planetary stations, ideally sculptural works of art that are permanently fixed and all-season ready.

Project inspiration: a similar, but smaller project in Donzdorf

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