Sunday, March 16, 2014

FEAST 07 grant winner

Congrats to Carbon Paper, the winner of the 7th FEAST Project Grant, with over $900 to contribute to this proposed project:

"Carbon Paper is a Toronto-based quarterly publication focusing on the contemporary visual arts culture within our city. Our free publication allows our contributors a freedom that many other publications are limited to and allows an access point for new dialogue, critical conversation, discussions, and a platform new artists, curators and writers. Our first Issue, launched in December of 2013 received successful feedback and as a free quarterly publication we are looking into the support of our community for grants and support to enable Carbon Paper the run it deserves.

One of our main objectives is to ensure the accessibility of this publication, which is why we have decided to be free. Through advertising sales and grants, such as the one provided by FEAST, we can help cover our overhead costs such as the production, printing and materials needed to ensure the quality of the publication. Specifically, the approximately $700 awarded by FEAST will help to directly finance the costs of printing, artists fees, and other related costs for our upcoming issue."

FEAST 07 happened Sunday, February 23, 2014.