Wednesday, February 11, 2015

FEAST 08 grant winners

FEAST 08 happened on January 18, 2015. Younger Than Beyoncé Gallery won the project grant from ticket sales ($1047), and the student grant went to the INTAC student exhibition ($300).


Younger than Beyoncé Gallery is nomadic artist run centre exclusively for young and emerging artists living in Toronto. The gallery will program month long pop-up shows in spaces throughout Toronto, including short art exhibitions, artist talks, and a performance art night celebrating emergent and experimental practices.

(1)  Describe your project.

"Because we are nomadic and %100 crowd funded, Younger than Beyoncé Gallery can be more flexible and experimental in its programing than most permenant galleries.  In the long term, we plan hold shows all over the GTA, engaging an emerging art community well beyond the downtown core.  Co-directors Marjan Verstappen and Humboldt Magnussen started Younger Than Beyoncé because they wish to explore what our generation is making by giving young artists space in which to take risks, and build a professional practice. We need your support to give these artists a platform to be seen, discussed, and celebrated."

(2) How will you use funding to realize your project?

"Our funding will contribute to the costs of paying our artists fairly for the work they are showing at Younger Than Beyoncé Gallery."

(3) Why is this project critical to the FEAST community (e.g. why would the FEAST community be interested in supporting your project)?

"We are building a community and that supports artists at the same stage we are. We hope to not only showcase work by artists at the early stages of their careers but to adopt programming in response to the situations affecting younger artists in Toronto. Younger Than Beyoncé Gallery is run by young artists for young artists, we believe we don't have to "make it" in the art world so much as we have to create our own.  We don't have to fit in to anything, we need to create our own institutions that support our artistic goals and interests. That's why Toronto needs Younger Than Beyoncé Gallery."

About the INTAC (International Arts Collaboration) Revolution exhibition:

(1) "Students from five universities: OCADU (Toronto, Canada), TAMK (Tampere, Finland), CAU (Seoul, Korea), BTK (Berlin, Germany), Osaka University (Osaka, Japan) have developed their collaborative works over eight months through online communication, defining concepts and producing work in many small groups. Students will be creating work based off the theme Revolution. The participants of Revolution will work with this word, defining its meaning to them in relation to others, in order to produce work that responses to this contemplation and collaborative process. Revolution will be a photographic exhibition that embraces audiovisual and sculptural installation, as well as new forms of digital media, performance, and design."

(2) "The proceeds of FEAST funding will go towards exhibition cost. Framing, mounting of photographs, publication, promotion, and audio visual equipment rentals."

(3) "INTAC aims to build communication between cultures and locations which would interest the feast community. The collaborative process helps students from Toronto and the participating countries to build the confidence to emerge as international artist. The use of online channels inevitably mediates ideas and production and the work struggles to address the simulated nature of contemporary experience, be it commercial culture, personal identities, or the narrated character of our on and off-line lives. The exhibition will allow audience a unique experience of seeing art work from up and coming artist that would normally be unable to exhibit in Canada."

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